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The possibilities are endless: 



Have you ever tried surfing? Now is the time! Mimizan is a perfect place to learn its a known surfspot.
Surfing is a sport which connects you with the ocean but as well with your family members. It will be a fun and cool experience for your kids and bring them closer to nature. They will have a good time, be sporty, and at the same time experience what it means to listen to the ocean. And after, you will have some stories to share! 

We invite you to reserve your surf lessons with us. We reserve your spot in a high-quality surf school.

Your advantage? You get a discount on your lesson and a safe spot in a surf school. As it can get quite busy in summer, you might want to book it in advance! 



The Golf of Mimizan is like a peaceful oasis in the middle of the pine trees. It's a nice place where you can play golf and enjoy the beautiful nature all around you. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, it's a great spot to have some fun and relax.


Behind the lodge lies a beautiful river, perfect for a fun stand-up paddleboarding excursion. (We have stand-up paddleboards available for rent at a nominal fee in the lodge.)



Mimizan Skate Park is a well-known destination for skaters. Skilled skaters come from far and wide to skate here. It boasts a pleasant street area and an excellent bowl. 
Our own children Flo and Yuki, also enjoy skating here. Would you like to skate with them? They're happy to join you, and if you'd like, they'll even help you with some tips and tricks. Whether young or old, beginner or advanced, it's always fun! The skate park is just around the corner!

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The pump track in Bias is a thrilling haven for skaters, scooters, and BMX enthusiasts. With its undulating tracks and sharp turns, it offers an exhilarating challenge for riders of all levels. 
Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or an experienced rider aiming to hone your skills, the pump track in Bias is the perfect spot for adventure and enjoyment.
The Pump track is just 15 min from Mimizan. (From next year there will be a pump track in Mimizan, next to the skate park!).




Practicing yoga at the beach or riverside is a tranquil experience, aligning your practice with the soothing rhythm of nature. With each pose, you feel grounded by the earth beneath you and invigorated by the fresh air around you. The sound of lapping waves or flowing water enhances your mindfulness, deepening your connection with the present moment.



Disc Golf
“Yeah, no way”, might be your first thought as soon as you see the chained basket in the middle of the pine forest.
It might be hard to imagine bringing a frisbee close to that thing, not even to speak about getting it into it. Spoiler: Turns out it is more likely to hit the basket than you think at first! 

Disc Golf is a fun thing for you, your family or friends. Plus, you’re in the super nice pine forest in Mimizan-Plage (and actually not far away from the beach, in case you want to surf after).

Sounds good? 



You’re looking for a sporty walk (high in the trees) with your family and friends, that gives you a really good overview of the landscape?

The adventure park is located in a green setting on the side of the Golf.

You will find 3 tree courses with over 88 workshops for all levels (from 3 years upwards). 


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You will never fully understand the magic of Europe’s highest dune, until you haven’t seen (and climbed!) it yourself.

Grab your family, friends, a picknick bag and watch one of the most outstanding sunsets at the Dune du Pilat!




You are searching for a bit of action in the water (other than surfing)? Then the Aquapark in Biscarosse (ca. 40 min. car drive) might be for you, your friends and family! Here you can let yourself be catapulted into the air from an air cushion and land softly in the water.



Take a deep dive into the landaise culture and history!
The aim of the Ecomuseum of Marquèze is to conserve, study and transmit the heritage of the Grande Lande by recreating the life of its inhabitants in the 19th century. Marquèze tells the story of this unique link between a community and its environment, with its economic, cultural and social consequences. The buildings, the landscape of fields, pine forests and mills were rebuilt to recreate a typical neighborhood of the 19th century.

Take a look at one of the largest outdoor museums in France!


Bienvenido a España! Welcome to Spain! Can you smell the tapas? Hear the flamenco sounds?
Whenever you feel like getting out of Mimizan-Plage, the beautiful Donostia-San Sebastián invites you to dive into the Spanish culture. Only a 2-hour drive away from Mimizan-Plage, you can easily plan a day trip there. Enjoy! 







The Mimizan tennis club is located 1.5 km from the Pura Vida Lodge.

It has 11 outdoor courts, 4 traditional clay courts labeled Roland Garros, 2 quick (including 1 lit), 2 lit padel courts, 1 pickleball, 2 beach and 2 covered green set courts which allow you to play all year round. All with a clubhouse accessible all year round equipped with a bar, terrace, shop and rope service.
It is possible to rent a field, take lessons, do internships and discoveries for the youngest with the OIT of Mimizan, whether you have rackets or not (rental of rackets – sale of balls).




In Mimizan-Plage, you'll discover a unique way to explore the stunning surroundings: horseback riding. With several equestrian centers nearby, Mimizan-Plage offers a range of opportunities for both beginners and experienced riders.

Whether you opt for a leisurely ride along the beach at sunset or an adventurous trek through the dunes, horseback riding in Mimizan-Plage provides a unique and unforgettable experience for all horse lovers and nature enthusiasts.

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