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What time can i arrive?

We will be ready to welcome from from 5 pm on.

Can we bring our Dog?

No, animals are not alowd, but if you rent the hole house ( Low Tide and High Tide ), and you are sure he will not destoy our beatyful garden, you can.

When we rent Low Tide and High Tide, we dont have to share the garden?

Indeed, the whole garden will be available for your group.

Can we rent a surfboard or a bike at the lodge?

Yes, you can! We have a big quiver of boards for all kinds of levels. Perfect soft tops for beginners, intermediates, and hard tops for advanced surfers.

We like to do some surflessons or yoga how does that work?

What time do we need te be gone?

The house needs to be empty at 10.00 a.m.


If you're interested in surflessons, yoga class or a massage, We partner with some wonderful people in the village who offer these services. We’d be love to connect you with them!

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