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Your perfect holiday house with the dream of outdoor living


Imagine a little village at the French Atlantic Ocean. You arrive at a beautiful house in a calm neighborhood and just 800m away from the beach and the center.

You pass the gate of the house, and it smells like pines, lavender and rosemary. You open the big wooden door and what you see, leaves your stress behind. A paradise like garden opens up, with a lovely communale feeling. You get a coffee in the coffee corner, feel the grass under your feet, take a dip in the saltwater pool.

You decide to take a tour through the cozy house, get to the upper floor, and check your bright and cozy room. You open the window, a slight brise coming in. You step on the balcony, get your favorite book, and lay in the hammock for a while. Life’s good!

The Pura Vida Lodge offers you and your group a unique summer house location in Mimizan- Plage.

 "High Tide" and "Low Tide"

You can rent either "High Tide"15pers. or "Low Tide" 12 pers. or both, then you have the whole house 27 persons.

Our tropical garden with pool offers great outdoor living in a lovely, relaxed

community style.

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